Monday, 29 January 2018

S Range Colonials

In the second half of last year one of my projects was my British and Empire S Range Colonial Force.

My main colonial armies are Jacklex but I was able to assemble a reasonable quantity of the S Range figures which I also like.

The standard British Colonial infantry lend themselves to variety through painting of different uniforms - so here we have standard British, Royal Marine Light Infantry, and Rifle Brigade versions.

Then you have to have some Highlanders


and Gurkhas

The five Gurkhas to the right are the S Range figures and the one on the left the Minifigs 20mm figure, which I prefer. I have fuller units of both types but I need to take more photos.

Finally you always need some mountain artillery

I don't currently have any S Range British Cavalry but I do have quite a few of these Minifigs 20mm lancers, as well as Indian counterparts - I'll just have to fund them before I can photgraph them.

Finally a rather stylish Minifigs 20mm Highlander officer.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

S Range Austrian Generals NS 5s and Command stands

These are the rebased Generals and command elements for my new old Austrian Army mentioned in the previous post.

Because I only wanted infantry in helmets I moved on the battalions in shakos, acquired an additional fusilier battalion in helmets, and kept the other helmeted battalions, the grenadiers and jagers. All are German battalions (with white trousers) instead of the Hungarians (in blue). Any further additions will be painted as Hungarians. The army is extremely well provided with cavalry though mainly lights - one regiment of cuirassiers, then chevaulegers, hussars and lancers aplenty. I have also acquired in the last week or so another NS 5s Austrian General which is in the process of being painted up.

What I don't have is any S Range Austrian artillery so if anyone has any for which they have no further use I would be grateful to hear from you.

Over the Christmas holiday I took the whole army off their old card bases and put them onto 2mm mdf, painted Vallejo Intermediate Green, as for these figures. I am waiting for a day or two of decent weather to plastidip spray the bases. I also have some rather nice Adolfo Ramos flags for these (for use with S Range get the 20mm ones rather than the 25mm as they are a bit too big).

When I have got the bases sprayed I will try to take some unit and army photos.

I am also working on standard bearers for my S Range French in Egypt, again using the Adolfo Ramos versions of the striking flags carried by the demi brigades in this conflict.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Field defences FSD 1s and FSD 2s Chevaux de Fruise and Stakes

I unexpectedly acquired these recently along with an S Range Napoleonic Austrian Army.

If you studied your S Range catalogue carefully you could find a section called Miscellaneous, which contained goodies including camp followers, generals of different periods, pack horses and oxen, and Napoleon sat at a table.

The above are FSD 1s and FSD 2s, Horse and Musket Period Field Defences, Chevaux de Frise - 60mm length at the back of the photograph - and Stakes - 55mm at the front.

These are heavy lumps of metal and I had never seen them before.

FSD 3s and 4s were gabions and fascines.

I need to repaint the bases to my standard Vallejo Intermediate Green to go with the rest of the army, which I rebased over the Christmas holiday on MDF pauinted in this colour.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Quantity has a quality all of its own...

No disrespect for the figures or painting at all (in fact maximum respect) - but here is Alan M's representation of Eugene's IV Corps using S Range figures. A magnificent project.